HVAC Cleaning in Edmonton

Has it been awhile since you’ve had your property’s ducts and filters cleaned? Call the HVAC specialists at Titans Furnace Cleaning Ltd today. We’ll inspect your ducts, grills, and diffusers while also giving them a thorough, commercial-grade clean.


We Take HVAC Cleaning Seriously

The most important first step to take when getting any of your HVAC systems cleaned is finding a qualified contractor who is trained and certified in the work they do with lots of experience on the field. Is HVAC cleaning really that complicated? It can be.

At Titans Furnace and Duct Cleaning, we’re well aware of the potential risks that can arise during HVAC cleaning and are able to proceed carefully, in a safe working environment.

When we clean your HVAC systems, we’ll ensure they’re fully operational and up to code before considering the job finished. Give us a call today if your HVAC system is due for a cleaning!

The Dangers of a Dirty Furnace

When home and business-owners think about furnace troubles, they’re usually thinking about issues related to the internal mechanisms or the vent pipes. They’re not usually thinking about the cleanliness of the furnace itself. Why should that matter? Aren’t furnaces bound to get dirty and covered with strange residues and build-up? Don’t manufacturers build them knowing they’ll likely get a little dirty?

Well, yes and no. While it is inevitable that a furnace will become covered with unwanted residue or even rust over time, too much buildup can have a negative impact on its efficiency. If your furnace’s filters are too dirty, your home’s air quality could be compromised as well. Not only that, but if neglected, your furnace could wind up needing a lot of costly repairs.

Dirty Furnace Burners

The biggest problems stem from dirty furnace burners. If your furnace burners are dirty, a variety of complications could arise. Some of these include:

  • High Carbon Monoxide Levels: A very clean gas furnace produces a negligible amount of carbon monoxide. However, when the burners are dirty, the furnace will burn inefficiently. As a result, carbon monoxide levels can rise. Given the odorless nature of carbon monoxide, it can be difficult for any homeowner to spot this problem.
  • Fire Hazards: Yes, you heard us. But don’t panic. There’s a very simple way to avoid this sort of problem, and that’s by having your furnace cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Dirty Air: Unclean furnaces produce unclean air, simple as that.

Is My Furnace Filthy?

There are many ways to tell whether your furnace or other HVAC system needs a good cleaning. Since the air filters are usually the first things to become unclean, you’ll likely notice poor air quality. In an office, this manifests in unfortunate ways. Maybe your colleagues are sneezing a little more than usual, or more they’re complaining of itchy eyes.

Another red flag is a reduced level of efficiency. Have you noticed a sudden spike in your utility bills? If that increase doesn’t correspond to your dependency on the furnace, then you know something is wrong.

HVAC Cleanliness Will Cost You Less

Scheduling routine check-ups and cleanings for your HVAC systems, filters, and ductwork is important for the many reasons that we’ve outlined. The biggest one though is––cost. Though it might seem a little backward to save money by paying for a visit from our technicians, it is the truth. When your air conditioner and furnace are looked after, there are fewer chances for costly problems to arise.

Multiple Areas of Expertise

Titans Furnace and Duct Cleaning is Edmonton’s friendly neighbourhood HVAC cleaning service. When it comes to air conditioning and heating, we know these systems inside out. Our contractors don’t just have one specialization, they can tackle any residential or commercial HVAC system you need them to address.

  • Ducts
  • Grills
  • Diffusers
  • Filters

These as well as other components such as heat exchangers, blowers in furnaces, drain pans and cooling coils are all thoroughly cleaned during the process. In the world of HVAC, cleaning isn’t just to make your system look pretty, it’s to help it function the way it’s supposed to. Given that heating and air conditioning systems are complicated, they need to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb for optimal results. And, that’s just what you’ll get with our technicians!

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are a crucial part of your HVAC system. Whether we’re looking at heating or cooling, air needs to get through your home or commercial space somehow, and that is most often through ductwork. But what happens when your air ducts are full of dust and dirt and other allergens?

By investing in regular air duct cleaning, you’ll benefit from cleaner air and a higher functioning system. And, if you’re a business owner in Edmonton, you’ll be making sure that your company is up to code. That’s right, while residential HVAC cleaning services are done at the discretion of a family, commercial HVAC cleaning is necessary to keep your building safe and up to code.

HVAC Cleaning Cost

HVAC cleaning costs are a worthwhile investment. Costing $300-500 on average for a 1,500 square foot space, when you consider that the process only needs to be done every few years, it’s well worth it.

At Titans Furnace and Duct Cleaning, we love finding affordable solutions for all of our clients. You can always count on our team to provide you with the most competitive pricing in Edmonton!

Clean up Your Act Today

Especially if you are an Edmonton business owner, it’s important to find reliable HVAC cleaning services that you can call to clean out your heating, air conditioning, and duct work.

Titans Furnace and Duct Cleaning has been operating locally for more than 18 years. We have a multitude of residential and business clients who always count on us to get their HVAC cleaning taken care of. Ready to join our family? Give us a call today.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Air quality is big concern for many residents of Edmonton. And for good reason. We live a short drive from some of the most toxic industrial air pollution on the planet. But with all this talk of air pollution, acid rain, and poisoned lakes, why is there never a discussion about the air quality in our own homes?

Titans Furnace and Duct Cleaning is committed to ensuring that Edmonton residents live in homes with great air quality. To do that, we offer professional ventilation duct inspection and cleaning.

When was the last time you had your ducts cleaned?

Many people believe that their air ducts don’t need to be cleaned because they’ve never had a problem with them. Air is still flowing through the ventilation system. What could be wrong?

Well, after a few years, the dust and debris that’s floating around in the air outside will accumulate inside your ventilation shafts. Sure, a filter will do a decent job of protecting your air quality and keeping out the dust. But over time some particles will get through. Not to mention the other ways that dust can enter your ventilation system, being blown around your home, over and over.

This is especially true in areas that have a high level of pollution in the air or are near construction zones. With each passing day, the air quality in your home will diminish. Until eventually the inside of your home will be more polluted than the air outside! That hurts.

Do I Need to Have My Air Quality Tested?

Dirty ducts can make you sick. Simple as that. Once you have a buildup of dust in your vents, it’s not just the dust that you have to worry about. There could also be mold, pollen, and harsh chemicals trapped in there. We can run a variety of tests on your HVAC system to ensure that the air you’re breathing is clean and fresh.

We will also inspect your HVAC system to determine whether you need your vents and ducts cleaned. With an inspection from Titans Furnace and Duct Cleaning, you’ll finally get the answers you’ve been looking for. And if there are problems, we’ve got the solution.

Your Ventilation Shafts Need to be Cleaned Every Three to Five Years

The most effective way to maintain good air quality is keeping track of the last cleaning. If it was over three years ago, you should begin thinking about having it redone. We will give your ducts the most thorough cleaning they’ve ever had, giving you the peace of mind that’s only possible when the air you breathe is safe.

Our expert duct cleaning services will have you enjoying the residential equivalent of mountain air in no time. Now that’s fresh! Don’t delay. Don’t wait around to see if things will get better. Contact Edmonton’s HVAC cleaning professionals today.

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